Baker Family

I could not have been happier to hang out with this family for a bit last week! These kids are growing like weeds and are cuter than ever – it was Jesse’s 1st birthday so we had to celebrate with some family portraits! We had so much fun one afternoon wandering around Baker Park, throwing leaves, watching a proposal, as well as working out – it is hard work chasing around a 1 year old that crawls and thinks its funny to go everywhere but towards you – but he was so cute so I really didn’t mind!! Plus he had such a cute giggle when he was about to turn around and go the opposite direction.

Michelle & Brian

Oh man. This session might be a new favorite of mine. I had such a great time getting to know these two more. I met Michelle on skype for our first meeting and was so happy when she booked me just a few days later, she was such a doll and so fun to chit chat with. And Brian, who was home on leave for a few days, was just as sweet and fun. Michelle and Brian actually met each other one night while out with mutual friends, and on their first encounter, while they didn’t really talk much or at all, he did let her borrow his jacket. And that pretty much sealed the deal.:-)

Jacqueline & Kyle

After coming off of a wedding high from the night before, it was awesome to wake up and be pumped to shoot Jacqueline and Kyle’s engagement session the next morning. These two are awesome! When I arrived I messaged Jackie to tell her that I was waiting in my car because it was nuts cold out. She messaged me and said she and Kyle were down by the water. Guys. If you have any recollection of how windy it was this past Sunday you should know that them waiting for me by the water is crazy talk. Absolutely crazy. But there Jackie was in an adorable skirt nonetheless by the water with her perfectly windblown hair. We were excited to get some shots in Harboreast but didn’t stay very long because of the wind. We opted for the narrow streets of Fells instead to shield us from some of the wind. We chose these spots because they are super sentimental for these two. Kyle sent Jackie on a super fun scavenger hunt for their proposal that started in Federal Hill where a friend (or family member) met her in each spot to share a drink with her before giving her the next clue. The scavenger hunt ended with his two best friends at Wit and Wisdom and the last clue ended right by the water a few feet away from Wit and Wisdom. And then the party continued with family and friends at the Red Star which is where we ended our shoot!! I imagine it was all perfect….and not windy in the slightest. After spending a few hours with these two, I honestly cannot wait until next August. I know it is all going to be awesome!!