Heather & Will – Texas Old Town, Stone Hall

A little more than a week ago I went down to Austin to hang out with one of my best friends and shoot her good friend’s wedding! It was so much fun. But I will say that this is the second time I have been to Austin to photograph a wedding where it was crazy low temps – low 30s or high 20s ¬†with crazy wind! Someone send me down there in August for a wedding so I can bring a cool breeze then when you really need it. Enough about the weather, let’s talk about the stunning Heather and the super handsome Will!! Their wedding was so gorgeous. It had that country rustic, book loving type charm that was absolute perfection. While they couldn’t have their ceremony outside, it was still perfectly gorgeous inside. Their pastor gave a beautiful ceremony talking so sweetly about their love. These two met at church and their ceremony focused around their desire to love and worship Jesus and the place he holds in their lives, bringing them together and making them stronger together. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Heather and Will – I hope you had so much fun on your getaway! Thanks for making me feel like I have known you forever even though it was the first time I even met you. You guys have an incredible love and I am so excited to see where this life together takes you two!

It was so windy!!

The most beautiful thing happened after the last dance. The guests were grabbing their bubbles for the exit and gathering outside while Heather and Will had their very own gorgeous last dance. I got teary.

No Filter Friday

We are hopelessly addicted to trivia. Like intervention levels may be necessary.

We happened upon trivia one night when we were casually going out to dinner at one of our favorite places in Frederick – Roasthouse Pub. We walked in and thought man it is crowded for a Monday. And why the hell is there a DJ in a booth in the corner? Next thing you know our new friend Ian comes on the mic and says it’s trivia night. Why not, we decided. Could be fun and we are already here. We didn’t get first, but we didn’t get last. This night has now spawned an addiction of looking up everyday Frank is off in the evening to go to trivia. We have tried out a bunch of different venues but our favorite remains to be Roasthouse. Even though the Multiple Scorgasms and Dewey Decimators continue to dominate every week. Grrrr. Maybe one day we will dominate.

It has also spawned an addiction to playing Trivia Crack on our phones. This is an app all of you should download and let me beat you at.

We are also happy to report that we are always looking for new team members for the, wait for it, OLLIE MONSTERS! (those who play fantasy football with us should not be surprised by this name) so feel free to come join us on a Sunday at Avery’s or Monday at Roasthouse!! Also – we got third place at Avery’s last Sunday so 20% off our next night out!

Jana & Steven – Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

This past week I not only shot a wedding on New Years but got to photograph my first wedding of 2015! Jana and Steven are an absolutely adorable couple and I was so happy to spend their day with them. It might have been rainy and gross, but there is no bad day to get married, so we mad the most of it. Everything was absolutely beautiful. The mood was soft and romantic for the ceremony and then everything was partypartyparty after that. I mean it, that dance floor was nowhere near big enough for the fun that follows these two. One of the super awesome things about Meadowlark is around the holidays they do this incredible light festival (definitely worth checking out next year, folks). I could have spent all night shooting outside, but it was cold and wet and I knew these two wanted to dance the night away. I sorta am forcing them to do a one year anniversary session so we can explore the rest of the park!

Jana & Steven – I hope you are having an incredible time in Costa Rica!! I hope it is absolutely beautiful and the fun break you two so deserve after planning such a beautiful day. Thanks for being my biggest fans and being such an incredible support! I hope you are as excited as I am about these photos!