Hannah & Tyler

In 15 days these two lovebirds are getting married!!! Hannah and Tyler’s budding romance started way back in 1st grade they just didn’t realize it until after high school. Thankfully they got it together and have been dating for years now. We wandered around the Annapolis docks where Tyler proposed and talked about all the awesome things that make up their incredible life. I was super happy to get to know them better and am even more excited for their wedding!


No Filter Friday

I promise these are back. They aren’t going to become wrap ups which never get written. I have just been away in Asia and then at an incredible workshop in California where I realigned and got reinspired. I know what I have to do to make this year incredible which is great because….today starts wedding season!!! From here clear until November, my weekends are involving beautiful women, stunning grooms and all the people that love and care about them. Because that is what weddings are all about and I hope no one loses sight of that this year. My hope for this year is that I can make all of these wonderful couples as happy as they make me. I genuinely love my clients as much as I love weddings and I have renewed hope that every year is going to be the best year ever. I have a good feeling about this one.

So to my family and friends and Frank and Ollie and Sunny, I’m going to miss you all weekend long. Thank you for allowing me to have my dream job. I’m already excited for date nights at home on the deck on a random Wednesday.:-)


Maya is 1!!

Every time I do a cake smash I always think how there is just no way this awesome kid is already one! Didn’t I just photograph their parents wedding or their newborn shots? How has a year gone by? Shooting Maya’s session was no different. This girl has grown up so much in this year but she continues to always be the happiest baby I know. I have never gotten smiles so big upon just seeing her. I have no doubt that these smiles are all due to her incredibly happy and silly parents. I’m so proud of this family and I cannot wait to see where this year takes them!

Only reason she is crying is because Let It Go ended. Don’t worry. We played it again.

Surprisingly, this didn’t bug her one bit.

Please remind her of this photo in her college days.