Michael & Steve

The first thing I thought when I met Michael was you’re a girl! What a cool name for a girl!!! I loved meeting with these two. They made me instantly happy and you could just feel the love they exude around each other. They met on match.com and honestly it couldn’t have been a better “match.” They have a mutual love of bikes and cycling and are probably the most active people I know. Their first date was a bike ride and their proposal was on a bike ride. So naturally there were a couple bikes at the wedding. While I don’t know these two incredibly well, you could just tell that their wedding day was so them. I was so happy to be there to be a part of it all!Recognize these guys? Lizzy refers me so many of her awesome friends!! And family!!

Megan & Kevin

Guys. The leaves. They are so pretty. And these two were the perfect subjects for being right in front of them. We had a great time walking around the lake together, chatting about their upcoming wedding, dogs, jobs, everything! I truly love these two and cannot wait to see them again so soon for their winter wedding.

Caitlin & Michael

What is this? A blog post on a Saturday? I know, so rare, but guys, I am so busy that I have to blog on the weekends to keep up!! There aren’t enough days in the week for all these pretty people! Now, onto how much I love Caitlin and Mike! Mike was a groomsmen in a wedding I shot last year! Remember Heidi and Sean? And since then the one request for the wedding was that Anna and I shot it, so I did! And it was so fun!! Testudo was there! Caitlin’s bridesmaids were ridiculous fun – guys, you have no idea how awesome these girls were. You know how I am a mild level of inappropriate once I get to know you – well, these girls took it up a notch with the fun. And the guys – hysterical as always. You could tell they were surrounded by so much love on their wedding day. Everyone in these families has the most amazing hearts. I could feel it from Caitlin’s grandpa who did the ceremony. It was truly an honor to be part of their day!

Anna Reynal was my incredible second shooter for the day!! Yay for Anna!!