Melissa & Lee

It is an absolute honor and privilege to get an email after a meeting and see the words, we would love to book you. And that is really how you all put it. It’s not we want to use you, it’s not consider yourself booked, or I am sending you the contract, it is almost always something like we would love to book you, we can’t imagine our day without you. It’s truly the best email I get…aside from the last one,¬†where you tell me how much you love your photos. Anyway, off topic. It’s already an honor and privilege to be booked, but when your own industry peer tells you that he and his wife are expecting and would like you to do their maternity photos, you get a way bigger warm and tingly feeling inside…while most of it is excitement, the other part is nervousness. No matter what, you own the fact that you were the one they picked so you must be doing something they love. So, we set up the session, and even though we were hoping for soft yellow glowy light and the day gave us clouds, we decided to make it work – because like Lee said it’s not always about that gorgeous magical light – sometimes it really is just about the moment and this stage in life. And I am pretty sure because he said that, the clouds parted to end the session and gave us some epic soft sun and beautiful skies to close out with. Melissa is absolutely stunning and glowing and I am so excited that these two are welcoming this little one and cannot wait to talk constantly with Lee at weddings about his little Elliana Grace.

Yeah…what’s the phrase? Rolling in the hay? Well, since that has already been done, Lee decided to play on it. I think he looks like Tony Hawk. Just needs a little skateboard.

Madeline & Patrick – Engedi Estate

I have truly adored working with these two and their beautiful families. Madeline and Patrick were married at the gorgeous Engedi Estates in Emmitsburg, MD. It is 30 acres of peacefulness and was so perfect for Madeline and Patrick’s event. It was easily¬†the hottest day of the summer, 100% humidity, rain threatening and falling sometimes, but Madeline and Patrick handled it in stride and I am so glad they did because everything ended up so perfect. Even though Madeline did have to carry around a personal fan all day – it was the perfect bridal accessory. I highly recommend one for you summer brides! The day honestly, could not have been more perfect. Let’s get to these pictures!!

This is Madeline’s sister. She is 15. She made all of these cupcakes for her big sis’ day! And they were so delicious. I got teary over the peanut butter frosting.

Special thanks to my awesome second shooter: Anna Reynal!

Jennifer & Brad – Hillendale Country Club

I have been so excited to share this with you all!! I took so many photos at this wedding that it has taken me a bit to sort through. There are ample amounts of reception photos because these peeps were party animals!! So many good dancing shots, if I say so myself. Also – epic cake smashing!! AND! Nick and his buddies from Event Pro Live created the best entrance ever for these two. I can’t wait to see Clickspark’s video of this!! Anyway, going to keep this short so we can get to these photos and I can get back to editing!! It’s definitely wedding season!!

Because of the rain we weren’t able to get out and do as many pictures as we would have liked earlier in the day so before we lost all of the light for the day we snuck out and snagged a few more before getting back to the party.