Caroline & Danny

CAROLINE AND DANNY!!! Guys. These two, unfortunately for them, are going to be my two new best friends. Seriously. And their friends too. It has to happen. I truly have never felt more loved at a wedding. On a day that could have been insane – 4 locations, 18 people in the bridal party, the drizzle turned rain turned wind, THE FREEZING COLD, it could not have gone more smoothly. And I think that is due in part to these two – they are so laid back, so calm, and are the epitome of fun that there was no way this was going to be a crazy stressful day for anyone (except for maybe when we just want to get family photos over with, right Cari?). I adored the messages from the pastor about being each other’s light in this world and how from here on out, the two of them is more important than one alone. I loved everyone that was a part of this wedding. From the family to this hysterical bridal party to the amazing team of vendors they pulled together for the day, everything was absolute perfection.

Caroline and Danny – I hope you get through this week, have a blast at your friend’s wedding this weekend and then live it up on your honeymoon!! And then when you come home – I cannot wait to commence being bff’s. You two could not be any cooler!!

Epic, epic reception. I am so obsessed with everyone at this wedding.

These guys were pretending to be tossing around a basketball – ya know how some people do jump rope – well think basketball. And guys, seriously, I had zero alcohol and was fascinated. I could really picture a basketball being there. I watched for far too long. This continues down into the next bunch too – think harlem globetrotters. They were amazing! Minus the fact that there was no ball.

Hi, Ken!!


Christina & Peter

Christina, Peter and Reilly were so much fun to hang out with this past weekend (Tambo so were you – the best bridesmaid and dog wrangler ever! Watch out bridesmaids – the best one has already been declared)!! I loved walking around the docks of Annapolis and getting to know them better (and by them, I mean Peter, right guys?). No seriously, these two are spectacular people and I am so excited for next May when I get to shoot their beautiful wedding. I’m already so sad that Reilly won’t be there – she is seriously the most well behaved 3 year old lab I have ever seen. Hope you love the pics!

Baker Family

I could not have been happier to hang out with this family for a bit last week! These kids are growing like weeds and are cuter than ever – it was Jesse’s 1st birthday so we had to celebrate with some family portraits! We had so much fun one afternoon wandering around Baker Park, throwing leaves, watching a proposal, as well as working out – it is hard work chasing around a 1 year old that crawls and thinks its funny to go everywhere but towards you – but he was so cute so I really didn’t mind!! Plus he had such a cute giggle when he was about to turn around and go the opposite direction.