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High Five for Friday

I know there weren’t a lot of content driven posts this week – it’s not for lack of things to blog – that’s for sure. Sadly, I have been dealing with some really horrible customer service this week for our fridge and it has just been sorta stressful to be honest. I feel bad even...

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High Five for Friday the 13th!

Guys!! FULL MOON and Friday the 13th. I just have a feeling some shiz is going down today. Be careful out there! I am very excited this morning for some reason as I write this, maybe it’s because I just downed Peanut Butter Cheerios like it was my job, or that my tea has steeped...

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Hey kids! I am off to a wedding in just a few hours but wanted to leave you with a few awesome links to waste your time with because I know you don’t feel like doing any work when it is this pretty outside! __________ This was definitely my favorite thing this week: What Famous...

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