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High Five for Friday!

Hello world! This is Melanie, Dani’s favorite and most amazing sister in the world. You may remember me from here.  Since Dani is busy exploring the world and such I will be doing today’s HFFF! First off, I think it’s important to note that Joe Biden joined the Instagram world two days ago! He has already...

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High Five for (a Beautiful) Friday!

It’s not even 9am and I am declaring today and beautiful day. I’m sitting on my sofa, drinking my tea, trying to keep my homemade scone away from my dogs and I am staring out a window at what looks like warmth, sunshine and happiness out there. I can’t wait, maybe a run will be...

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High Five for Friday!!

Hey duders! It’s Friday!! I am so excited. I decided a few weeks ago…maybe 2 at the most to give another Rock N Roll Half a try so I am heading down to DC in a bit to pick up my packet for the Rock N Roll Half in DC tomorrow. Why not, right? I...

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