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Woot Woot!!

Hey Everyone!! Just wanted to check in!! I wanted to let everyone know we have a few exciting things to celebrate REALLLLLLL soon!! But…I want to keep it a surprise. And because I am really bad a secret keeping…especially when it is exciting…posting will be light until the New Year when you all will find […]

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

2011 is coming. So fast, like it or not. Right after Christmas, most of us are planning what the next year is going to look like. We start making our lists of our best intentions and resolutions for next year and at the same time look back at the year behind us, thinking about our […]

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Things I Am Sending to Afghanistan

I am so excited to send Daren these presents for Christmas. Yes, I know that since I haven’t sent them yet, they won’t get there until after Christmas but have you SEEN the lines at the post office??? Oh. My. Goodness. Sorry Daren, I love you and all but jeez, you and I both know […]

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