Monthly Archives: July 2010

Wrap Up!

When I throw away my contacts at the end of the month I think of all the beautiful and happy moments they have seen. __________ Sunburn hurts. I remember when I was little I would get horribly blistery sunburn even if I was wearing SPF. Now, I am an adult, I think, and “forget” to […]

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She’s back!!

I will remember clear as day the night Julie told me she was preggers. I was sitting at my dining room table, signing off of my email when she walked in. I am looking down at the screen and for some reason, I had some sort of inkling this was not going to be our […]

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Dogs, Sand, Ocean City and why I don’t like the beach anymore.

When I was a teenager or in college even, I could go to the beach and lay on my towel with my sunglasses on and listen to my ipod and reapply tanning oil often and just lay for hours. Last week, I no joke, could not even last 45 minutes. I laid my towel out, […]

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