Kara & Abdul – Piedmont Club

I can now say that I have been to a wedding where a bride chowed down on Five Guys in her wedding dress, a groom rode in on a white horse, Method Man was quoted at the ceremony and rings were exchanged only after the first kiss because the REV simply got wrapped up in the moment and completely forgot they were still holding them. It was perfectly imperfect in every way and I hope that they agree when I say, they wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Abdul & Kara – thank you so much for making me not only part of your day but making sure that I was having fun and making me feel like a guest as well. It was so fun taking part in such fun traditions and I look forward to all the traditions that you two create together.  Because you wouldn’t believe me if I didn’t post it. Only bride to ever chow down on Five Guys in her dress.But wait…still holding the rings…let me do that real quick.

Deb & Jacob

I had so much fun wandering around Fells Point with these two. I love Fells in the morning. It is empty aside from all the vendors setting their booths up on the square for a day of sales. The light is gorgeous and that morning there was a great crisp breeze and sun beaming down. It’s funny how engagement sessions go; it’s basically the exact opposite of our initial meeting. No offense grooms, but at an initial meeting, my main attention goes to your bride and on the engagement session day, my main attention is on the groom. I want to make sure he leaves a shoot feeling like it was actually fun and not pure torture like a lot of them think it will be. With Jacob, I knew he was having fun from the beginning. He might not have let on until the outfit errr until he changed to his second set of clothes (boys don’t like the word outfit) but I knew. And couples like this that can laugh through their whole session and talk to me about their favorite podcasts are the reason I love my job so much. Thanks for making Sunday so funsies, guys!!

Hannah & Tyler – Riverdale Manor

This wedding made me so happy. Last week, Hannah and Tyler got married, again, in front of all of their family and friends at Riverdale Manor. Again only because getting married the first time was the only way Hannah agreed to move to Oklahoma when Tyler was offered a job there (good call on that one, Hannah.) It was such a happy day. Hannah had posted on facebook that she didn’t care about the rain because she had the “world’s greatest photographer” and so I fell right in line with also not worrying about the rain even though we ended up having nothing to worry about but a little drizzle. When I showed up not only was rain threatening, but her veil was MIA and her mom was off to get her a new one. And Hannah handled all of this in stride – rain, runaway veil – at the end of the day, she was marrying Tyler and that is all that mattered. The ceremony, conducted by their dads was so sweet and emotional. It was so emotional that it was the very first wedding that I had ever seen a bride whip the pocket square right off her groom’s jacket to use it to dry her tears. Too adorable!

Hannah & Tyler – thank you for letting me take part in your incredible day! I truly have adored working with the two of you and can’t wait to get you in front of my camera again. Now move home from a state that is just OK. Stat.

Venue: Riverdale Manor

Hair & Makeup: Visage a Visage

Cake & Cupcakes: Oregon Dairy

DJ: Andrew Gotsch, Baltimore’s Wedding DJ

Florist: Petal Pushers

Second Photographer: Tamara Dean