Caitlin & Michael

What is this? A blog post on a Saturday? I know, so rare, but guys, I am so busy that I have to blog on the weekends to keep up!! There aren’t enough days in the week for all these pretty people! Now, onto how much I love Caitlin and Mike! Mike was a groomsmen in a wedding I shot last year! Remember Heidi and Sean? And since then the one request for the wedding was that Anna and I shot it, so I did! And it was so fun!! Testudo was there! Caitlin’s bridesmaids were ridiculous fun – guys, you have no idea how awesome these girls were. You know how I am a mild level of inappropriate once I get to know you – well, these girls took it up a notch with the fun. And the guys – hysterical as always. You could tell they were surrounded by so much love on their wedding day. Everyone in these families has the most amazing hearts. I could feel it from Caitlin’s grandpa who did the ceremony. It was truly an honor to be part of their day!

Anna Reynal was my incredible second shooter for the day!! Yay for Anna!!

Caroline & Danny

This past weekend, I had 2 weddings. So you would guess with that, I would be less than excited to wake up on Sunday morning for an engagement session, especially with temperatures dropping and high winds. BUT, I had met Caroline a few months ago and was totally looking forward to hanging out with her again and meeting her version of a Danny. And he was just as awesome as I was hoping he would be. We got to wander around Fells Point and shiver together – seriously, it was that cold. I truly cannot wait until their wedding which is in just about 2 weeks! Eeek!

Alicia & Andy

Oh Alice & Andy!! I photographed Alicia’s sister’s wedding yearsssss ago. I am so fortunate that Alicia thought of me when it came time for her own wedding. Alicia and Andy are total perfection. Their love is so beautiful and easy to capture. Andy didn’t mind me asking him to say more words just because I liked hearing him say funny words that only British people say – like torch for flashlight and cheers for hello, goodbye and thanks and CHEERS! And their pup Hunter, could not have been any cuter. I have no doubt that this wedding is going to be absolutely amazing – can’t wait until next May!