High Five for Friday!

Hello world! This is Melanie, Dani’s favorite and most amazing sister in the world. You may remember me from here.¬†¬†Since Dani is busy exploring the world and such I will be doing today’s HFFF!

First off, I think it’s important to note that Joe Biden joined the Instagram world two days ago! He has already posted five photos including this gem

I think we all can agree that Obama has the best smile ever. His teeth are so white I’m jealous.


On another note, Russians apparently don’t see the same map of Crimea as the rest of us, which is slightly concerning.


For my fellow Jews out there, did you hear that quinoa is kosher for Passover?!


If this mom ever taught a food art class, I would definitely take it!


The thing everyone is dying to know, which Vladimir Putin are you?


This guy is amazing.


I want these children!


Lastly, these parents are awesome and I want to be like them when I grow up.


That’s it for today! I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and that Dani is having an amazing time in Greece!:)

The M Family

Last week I had the privilege of photographing one of my good friends maternity photos for a second time!! I was so excited to hear that my good friend Meredith was going to be having another little nugget!! It has been awesome watching Mere become a mom and watching her little family grow. I’m hoping to meet the little guy (I decided it is a boy, they decided to let this one be a surprise!) when I get home (have I told you all yet that I am in Greece right now?).

Elizabeth & Kevin

Good lord did I have fun with these two. I had been looking forward to this session so much that on March 11th, I was emailed them and asked if we were still on that day. I jumped the gun by a month! I had to wait another month before getting these two in front of my camera finally. I loved Elizabeth and Kevin the minute they walked into my studio. They were so cool and laid back, you could just tell they are a super adorable couple that knows how to laugh and have fun. And that is exactly what we did as we walked around Canton for a bit. I cannot wait for their wedding coming up in just a few weeks!!