Kham taught me about Iaido!

Last week I did something a little different from what I normally do. In fact, it is just about the complete opposite of couples madly in love but it was so fun to get out of my comfort zone and capture Kham. Iaido. What the heck is Iaido? I’m so glad you asked! Because I learned about it! It is a Japanese martial art. The style of iaido that Kham practices is ishiyamaryu-ryu. No, I didn’t sneeze. It uses a combination of body movement, footwork, repetitive swings, stance, grip, and breathing exercises. Kham wanted to learn iaido because it doesn’t focus on close combat situations, it helps you work through what you are about to do in that moment you realize someone is going to attack you, before it ever actually happens. It was all really interesting to hear about. So, we gallivanted out into the hills of Frederick to snap some photos. 

Ali + Jeff = Maggie Rose

This past weekend I had the honor of meeting Maggie for the first time. I photographed Ali and Jeff’s wedding nearly 3 years ago so to continue on the relationship and seeing these two again meant to much to me. I loved how candidly they spoke about parenthood. I have been asking a lot of questions these days when I am at these shoots just to prepare for the future and I truly enjoyed listening to them talk about their experiences these first 5 weeks of life. Maggie was a great model with her giant beautiful eyes. She has lost some hair up top, but who needs hair? It will grow back one day.;-)Hope you like the teasers!

How cute are their matching “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray” shirts????

Kids, this is what behind the scenes looks like. These two with the inch worm that was 2 feet long and the monkey! All for one shot! Don’t be scared to act like fools in front of me.

Kari & Josh – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Oh Kari and Josh. I love Kari and Josh. When I first met with them at my studio in Baltimore, I adored them instantly. They were obviously in love, the way they looked at each other was just darling and they just had an ease about their bond that was pretty incredible to see. I had to photograph their wedding and I was super excited they picked me to shoot their day. I felt like throughout the whole process of our relationship more things revealed that we were meant to be – like finding out Kari grew up in Frederick, and then finding out that Kari grew up in Spring Ridge and then finding out that if you are standing in my driveway the house right across from it was the house she grew up in. What? We could have been neighbors? Too cool.

Their day was total perfection. Lovely clouds that made it possible to get some pretty awesome shots in the afternoon when it could have been nuts bright on the beach at the Beach Club. Kari looked drop dead gorgeous and Josh looked like the most dapper stud muffin ever. Yes. Stud muffin, this guy is. I cannot wait to share these photos!! Hope you all love them!!

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Makeup: Valerie Hammer

Dress: Hitched (designer Leila Rose)

Invitations: Hitched

Suits: Annapolis Formal and Tuxedo

Ties: Lilly Pulitzer

Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Photo Booth: Smith Landing Photo Booth

Cake: Sweethearts Patisserie

Flowers: April Reardon

Cocktail Hour Music: St Charles String Quartet

Transportation: Bayside Limo and Jor-Lin Charters

Second Shooter: Anna Reynal