No Filter Friday

Oh lordy. What a week. I started the week in Georgia and things have just sorta been a whirlwind with so many things to do and not enough time to do them. Which has a tendency to leave me a bit wacky and all over the place. I am trying to remember to take some time for myself which is why I was super excited to head down to DC with Frankie on Wednesday night to see Milky Chance and James Hersey. The day before Frank said we should get the tickets out but we didn’t. But the day of, when we were walking out of the house, Frank said we need to grab the tickets, yay! We remembered them. We got to the metro and took it to U street where we always have the pre concert tradition of going to Ben’s Chili Bowl. It was delicious as always. We left and started making our way to 930 Club. Frank asks if I had the tickets. You guys. I left the tickets in the cup holder of his car. How did I do that?? I was seriously so sad since this was supposed to be part of Frank’s birthday present. While I was initially disappointed, more so in myself and not necessarily about missing the show, Frank has this awesome ability to make me feel so much better about situations like this; we ended up coming home and watching Boyhood on the couch. And it was the most perfect night. I’m thankful for the unexpected.

Daren & Mandy – Naylor Hall, Marrietta, GA

This was going to be my no filter friday post but then I did something super dumb yesterday that I want to tell you all about and then I felt like this deserved its own post anyway. My little brother got married this weekend and now I have a brand new sister. I have to say, I have truly lucked out in this deal twice now. Marrying Frank, I got a totally kick ass sister in Theresa and Daren marrying Mandy, I have gotten a total Georgia sweetheart, not to mention when my parents decided to have another baby when I was 13, despite the fact that I was super not excited about it, I lucked out again with incredibly smart and beautiful with just enough sass, Melanie. So far, so good, hoping my other brother follows suit one day.

I remember Daren calling me about 4 or 5 months ago and asking “Dinyell (because he literally says my name this way), do you really like Mandy?” While I already knew where this was going, I did nonchalantly say “Of course, I do.” But when he said “Seriously, Dinyell” I knew it warranted more of a response and I knew exactly what he was going to do after he got this very response. Less than a few days later, Daren had a fiance.

Brett, the second oldest to me, gave an incredible toast this weekend about how you would never know that Brett was older than Daren because Daren always seemed to be the older brother to him and maybe that is exactly what Brett needed. Daren texts every two days to make sure we are all alive (he does have a tendency to worry so the usual hey how are you text if not answered does mean you are dead or something is wrong) and is always the one checking up on us. This toast, despite the fact that I hadn’t really looked at it that way, is so true. While he does have his moments when he needs to hear from someone, I’m glad this person is sometimes me, that he is doing the right thing, or what am I going to do next about a given situation, Daren has definitely been that older (yet younger) brother I used to really want when I was little or just when I was being bullied in high school, but before that too.

My favorite Daren story is the one where I was being a total biatch to my mom and refusing to leave the car that was already parked in the garage – an unattached to the home garage with no windows and just the door itself – and she and Daren were standing on the outside with her hand on the latch to pull it shut. She started counting down – ya know, the counting that makes you know you are in a lot of trouble –  and Daren just begins to cry and scream and stomp his foot on the ground because he is truly afraid something terrible is going to happen to me if I stay in the car and my mom shuts this door. Mom, the only reason I got out that day, was to make Daren stop crying. And Daren – thanks for always being my protector and my older younger brother.

I wasn’t the official photographer on the wedding day because I wanted to have fun but I did manage to snag some good ones here and there that I just wanted to share. I got to be a bridesmaid and wear cowgirl boots and it was awesome.:-)

Celine & Luke – Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

Elkridge Furnace Inn is always my favorite place to shoot weddings. It’s got amazing food, it’s historic, it has so many good nooks and crannies for photos, it’s beautiful, and the people who get married there are always awesome. Celine and Luke were no different. They planned this wedding just a few months before the big day and I loved that zest they had about just wanting to be married and start their lives together already. Celine also was amazing because she totally embraced the fact that her dress was going to get dirty because of the rain the two days before and she was totally game, anything for good pictures. I loved that about her. And then Luke, serenading his bride up on the altar during his vows, well, it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Such a beautiful day, I am happy I was the one there to capture it all.