Amanda & John – Valley Country Club

I know I have been a major blog slacker last week but I figured I would make it up to you with perhaps…3 weddings this week? I want to kick it off with Amanda and John! These two are awesome. I adored meeting with them and learning that they were Polish and from PA where one of my awesome friends from college is from. We laughed about words like bianthony and anything else in the heynabonics dictionary. If you don’t know that word, you should definitely look that up. We “made memories,” per John, laughing our way through their engagement session and the wedding was no different. Even with adding their friends and family to the mix, I felt right at home and like one of the group the whole time. We were able to squeeze in so many fun photos because their wedding ran ahead or dead on schedule and they gave me tons of time for super fun photos.

Amanda and John – I am sorry the honeymoon is over and you are already back to the real world!! I hope it was absolutely incredible. You guys were sincerely a joy to work with and I can only hope our relationship continues far past your wedding day.

Ceremony Venue: Corpus Christi Parish

Reception Venue: Valley Country Club

Florist: Rutland Beard of Ruxton

Cake: Sugarbakers

DJ: Houston Baker

Hair & Makeup: Mallia Salon & Spa

Rings: Liberty Jewelry

Transport: Platinum Plus Limos

Second Shooter: the lovely, Anna Reynal

High Five for Friday!

Busy week and weekend so let’s just get right to you guys wasting some time on your Friday!


For those who prefer to eat your calories instead of drinking, good news: deep fried tequila. And yes, it will get you white girl wasted.


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I enjoyed this article on what nobody tells you about yoga.


I feel like all my DC peeps would appreciate this: this guy totally nails what it is like to live in DC.


Are these old people shoes or should I buy these? Because I think they are cute, but the other side of me thinks my grandma would think they were cute too. Can I rock ‘em?


20 Legendary Festivals to see in your lifetime. So excited to cross one of these off this list later this year!


I’m mean, seriously, people. Are there not enough minutes in the day to just do this in the shower?


What do you usually write in the memos of checks? Because mine are usually pretty funny too. Also, definitely start calling Emily by her real name…


Last. Check out this hilarious video of funny things we do as couples. So true and so hysterical. Happy weekend, ya’ll!



Danielle + Alex = Sam

Danielle and Alex have been long time favorites since the moment I met them. I loved their sense of humor and the way they interacted with each other. I adored them on their wedding day and hoped that when the time came I would get to photograph their growing family. I loved spending time with them frolicking amongst pretty open fields at their maternity session. I remember how excited they were to meet this little Sam..and also the stories of people who should definitely not be parents in their parenting class. Hope they are all doing well. This past weekend, I finally got to meet little Sam! He is absolute perfection. He has the best little nose, and we counted – all of his fingers and toes that are just perfect. Danielle even had homemade cinnamon rolls ready when I got there. I would say that this family is handling changes in stride and dealing with things with what they definitely do best – humor. I know that Sam is going to grow up and laugh a ton. What more could you ask for?