Christine & David – Pier 5

I have been looking forward to photographing this wedding since I met Christine and David for the first time!! They are absolutely perfect for each other and their day was absolute perfection. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and they were surrounded by so many people that they love. It was incredible obvious. Their ceremony was outside, officiated by David’s dad and you could just see the glee painted on their faces right after their first kiss. I loved being able to experience their genuine love and know that amazing things are destined for these two in the future.

I loved this little moment with mom as she put the veil in.

Abdul & Kara

I am super obsessed with these images. Kara & Abdul just bought their first home together and it could not be more beautiful – like straight out of Pottery Barn beautiful, like I might send them these pictures because that is actually where things are from but it just looks like a home in their catalog, get me? To celebrate before it becomes too lived in, they decided that a photoshoot at home would suit them perfectly – and it so did!! It helps that their home gets a gorgeous amount of natural light, and is spectacularly clean. I think I need Kara to come over to my house once a week. I have known Abdul now for 6 years and could not be┬áhappier for him to finally meet someone who makes him as happy as Kara does. Kara, you are absolutely stunning and sincerely one of the kindest people I know (even though you are a Steelers fan). I am so glad we have become fast friends (except 2 days a year where I still love you but ya know…I also want to punch you). I truly cannot wait for their wedding this April!

Kelsey & Josh

I love sessions where the only thing that is really planned is the time it is starting. I showed up and Kelsey and Josh’s house and we just hopped in my car and drove around to all the good spots and then back to their house to play with their dog. Something about having no real structure to a session can sometimes make it that much more magical. We had time to chit chat in the car about wedding plans, and being new home owners and Frederick County – a place we all love and are happy to call home. I truly could not have been happier to be able to photograph this session and truly cannot wait for their wedding day!!