Krystle & Greg – Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

Where to begin…where to begin. I’m not going to lie. I started writing this in my head the afternoon I knocked on Krystle and Greg’s door at my scheduled arrival time to start shooting, oh you know,…A WEDDING…to find Krystle and Greg both in their bathing suits, sunscreened up, dealing with their awesome kids and talking about what they were ordering for them for lunch and asking me if I wanted a water. Jay Z was playing on some cell phone in the background, Krystle hops in the shower and talks to us from there, kids wanting to watch Star Wars and not napping because another episode is coming on, you would have literally no idea that in less than 3 hours from that time Krystle and Greg would be actually attending their own wedding. I’m allowed to say all this because Krystle has promised that after this wedding we will be real friends and real friends can talk about hysterical situations such as the one above. Somehow, magically though, they both made it on time to the altar. Phew.

I met Krystle and Greg at Sara & Brett’s wedding in 2011. Krystle was pregnant with little Emmy then and I seriously could have taken photos of Colt all day. Since then I have been lucky enough to take their photos at their home near Ocean City and get to know them even better. I truly cannot thank these two enough for taking me away from Maryland in the dead of winter for a beautiful week in the Caribbean to shoot their wedding. It was so gorgeous and so fun and I am so happy to now call this family and all of their friends, my friends too.

Katina Dawson, of A Sweet Affair, I couldn’t have done this without you!! Neither could Krystle or Greg.;-)

Had to snag a shot with the bride and groom and the bestest planner I know – Katina!!!

There were fireworks!

This happened.

Megan & Kevin – Herrington on the Bay

These two have been newlyweds for over 2 weeks now!! I am so excited to finally share their wedding with you all. It was such a fun day! I have now had two weddings where I showed up and was given a present upon my arrival. It’s crazy to me how thoughtful my brides are all the time, your thank you notes, your gifts, just responding to my emails to tell me you love your photos after getting them – all of these are amazing things. Ahhh. My brides are the best brides. Anyway, sorry, back to Megan and Kevin. I immediately loved everyone in this wedding. I wanted to be every bridesmaid’s best friend. I also knew immediately after meeting everyone that this was going to be one epic party and it totally was!! These are some of my favorite reception photos ever. Guys, let’s get to these pictures!!


Janice’s People

These peeps are the best peeps and going to see them every year is seriously the best. It was freezing in Austin so we did their family photos inside this year. Nothing wrong with some snuggling on the couch for family portraits!